Create Eye-Catching Elegance In Your Garden.

Capture hearts and attention with a unique Wooden Garden Room.

…much more than a luxury upgrade!

Your Garden Room is much more than a luxury upgrade to your backyard. It’s an investment in your lovely home. A place where you can work, rest, and play on your own terms! It’s the ideal spot to create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

And, we’ll design your dream wooden garden without breaking the bank… Perfect for when you need extra space for the things you love.

Garden Rooms

Go classic or choose a modern styling. Our garden rooms are the perfect way to add undeniable charm, functionality, and versatility to your premises without sacrificing on thermal comfort.

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Outdoor Saunas

Turn your garden into an exceptionally comfortable relaxation zone. Constructed with durable wood for sauna lovers who appreciate design and quality. Wooden Garden’s saunas provides the authentic outdoor sauna experience you crave in your own back garden.

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Hot Tubs

Get a premium hot tub experience for the entire family. Create new memories with loved ones in our superior comfort, ultra-low maintenance, and energy-efficient hot tubs.

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Ready to turn your dream into a reality? Click here to speak with one of our knowledgeable experts about your garden dreams and find out how we will fulfil your order.

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Why Wooden Garden?

1. Superior Quality Materials.

We use the same high-quality materials throughout the construction of your Garden Rooms, Hot Tubs, or Sauna buildings to ensure a superior finish and durable garden space that never loses its visual appeal.

2. Expert Craftsmen

From start to finish, every aspect of your garden room project is overseen by our in-house, expert craftsmen. This gives our team complete control over the quality of the construction and helps us reproduce all your smart and tasteful design ideas without a single screw out of place.

3. Unparalleled customer support. 

We provide unparalleled customer support and do our best to ensure you are satisfied with our service. We understand that effective communication is essential to delivering a unique garden space you’ll love… that’s why our experts are easygoing and listen intently to your requirements before commencing on the project.

4. Eco-friendly Construction.

At Wooden Garden, we believe in protecting the environment, which is why we only work with eco-friendly materials. We participate in recycling programs and use the latest, nature-friendly wood-processing technology to mill the lumber used in constructing your Garden Rooms, Hot Tubs, or Sauna buildings.