WOODEN GARDEN LTD is a distributor of the largest European manufacturers of wooden garden houses (summer houses, holiday homes) and complex garden leisure zones equipped with saunas or bath tubs.
Our offer is addressed both to individual customers looking for a high-quality product for home use, as well as business customers who want to enrich their commercial offer and raise the standard of the object.
Using the skills, experience and knowledge gained over the years, through a number of outstanding engineers, designers, experts in the woodworking industry, we provide the Polish market with proven products and which have successfully found their owners throughout Europe for many years.
Our suppliers are among the largest and most reputable manufacturers in the industry who supply all of Europe with their products, so we are confident that we will meet your expectations. Modern woodworking technologies, machinery parks and experience together allow us to produce more than 50,000 garden houses per year, more than 400 different house designs, 70 models of bath tubs and 45 wooden garden saunas.
WOODEN GARDEN focusing mainly on high product quality, innovative technology, a wide range of modern and traditional design, but above all the use of certified materials has placed the most attractive products in its offer.
Our suppliers, by conducting an appropriate quality policy and activities to improve production processes, thereby taking care of ecology and a sustainable way of obtaining FSC-certified raw material, gives us the feeling that we provide our customers with a product that will
guarantee them long-term satisfaction and the conviction of money well spent.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the company’s offer.
Management of WOODEN GARDEN.