Build a Stunning Wooden Garden Room In Your Backyard.

Create A Unique Outdoor Space You’ll Love…

We’ve been building dream garden rooms since 2010.

We have slowly fine-tuned our craft over the years to bring you a garden room that not only looks and feels luxurious, but one that’s built to spec… and ready to serve you and your loved ones all year round with zero maintenance. 

Whether you’re looking for a large  or small garden room, our garden bedroom design allows for 100% customisation. And we don’t start construction until YOU are in love with the design and selected materials.

Our experts will help you decide on a traditional or modern garden room and work one-on-one with you when creating the designs to ensure a smooth building process.

Modern Garden Rooms

When done right, simplicity is synonymous with elegance… A Modern Garden Room is a great way to turn your garden space into an enriching, bespoke spot where you can relax, recharge, and enjoy quality time with loved ones; whilst being sensitive to the surrounding environment.

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Traditional Garden Rooms

Perfect choice for a countryside setting. Our Traditional Garden Rooms combine great style, flawless construction, and high-quality materials to create a unique and comfortable outdoor space where you can entertain, socialise, and relax.

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Relax, recharge, and enjoy quality time with loved ones

garden rooms ready to serve you and your loved ones all year round with low maintenance.

Work, Play, or Escape… We’ve Got You!

Whether you’re aiming for a unique-looking space to entertain friends and families, or a relaxation hub all for yourself… Our design process gives you full access to customise the layout, dimensions, and look of your outdoor Garden Room.

You can create a games room, home cinema, or office in your garden. Even better, you can combine these ideas to create a multi-functional Garden room. For instance, installing a mini bar to the side of your games room. You can position windows and doors to better capture light or avoid glare in office garden rooms.

365 Comfortable Luxury Garden Rooms (all year round)

There are no limitations to what you can utilise your new room for. Our Garden Rooms are specifically built to be low maintenance units that withstand the elements. They’re equipped with multiple insulation features for a comfortable living space that you and your loved ones can utilise all year round.

Low-Cost Investment For Your Home.

These Garden Buildings are suitable for almost anything – Office, gym, or games room. 

We use modular design and construction methods that allow us to customise your Garden room to your specific taste and how you intend to use it – perfect for when you need extra space without the cost of building one the traditional way.

Wooden Garden Room Features

Low Maintenance

Join the green revolution and help save planet Earth with our well-built wooden garden rooms. Built to last, our luxury garden rooms are designed to withstand whatever nature throws at your garden. They’re made from sustainable, weather-proof, and insect-resistant materials that require zero maintenance effort from you – all year round!

No Planning Permission

In most cases, we can have your new wooden garden room installed in a matter of weeks, without the need for a planning permit application. Perfect if you need an office garden room or garden bedroom up and running in a matter of weeks.

30+ Year Lifespan

If we had our way, your wooden garden room would serve you and your loved ones for eternity.

But since we can’t make that happen, we use the industry’s most innovative methods and highest quality materials to build your wooden garden room. This way, we can ensure that they have a minimum life span of 30-years. Our luxury garden rooms come with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

Ready-To-Use Fabrication Process

Your wooden garden room is pre-built at our factory to ensure that when it is delivered, everything fits in place and your garden room can be installed in the shortest time possible.

Our design team will help you pick the best design for you to the tiniest detail in order to meet your specifications.

Year-Round Use

Our range of Garden Rooms are built to provide maximum thermal comfort irrespective of the weather or season. The materials we use in constructing your Garden Rooms help keep you warm in winter and cool during summer, so that even if the weather changes you can comfortably enjoy your space all year round.