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Comfortable ThermoWood Hot Tubs Built with families in mind.

Hot tubs

Our garden hot tubs are specially designed for efficiency, offering maximum enjoyment and comfort a hot tub can give but operates at the minimum cost. They feature an advanced control system to manage the water temperature and a filtration mechanism that combines ozone and silver ions systems for the clearest, cleanest and safest hot tub water.

Round Hot Tub

Round Hot Tub

Available size 

  • 1.8m


  • 4 person


  • 1100L
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Available size 

  • 1.8m x 1.8m
  • 2m x 2m


  • 6-8 person


  • 1200L – 1600L
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Quattro hot tub


Available size 

  • 1.7m x 2m


  • 8 person


  • 1400L
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Reykjavík 2 2.4х1.8

Reykjavík 2

Available size 

  • 2.4m x 1.8m


  • 9 person


  • 1600L
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Wood-fired or electrical… you choose.

For centuries, soaking in warm water has been a cornerstone of luxury, with Royalty dating back to Cleopatra recharging in the simple luxury of a warm hot tub. Wooden Garden Hot Tubs let you experience the same indulgence, from the peace and privacy of your own garden.

Our wooden hot tubs are available in sizes large enough for 8 to 10 people with the option of an outside wood-burning stove or an energy-efficient electric heater.

Revel In The Arms of Nature.

Create unforgettable moments as you immerse yourself in the relaxing ambience of wood smoke and warm water.

Our wooden hot tubs are designed for comfort with smooth shapes that offer a more relaxing and cosy experience than ever before. They come in various, customisable sizes which makes them perfect for large families, or for those who simply want to enjoy the extra space alone.

Powerful Wooden Hot Tubs – For Indoors & Out Use.

Our wooden hot tubs are uniquely designed and customisable for any type of garden space… small, large, outdoor, or indoor spaces.

Look no further, if you need a custom-sized wooden hot tub that provides a powerful hydrotherapy massage and has been manufactured to the highest standards.

Our talented Garden Hot Tub team have combined energy efficiency, innovative engineering and specialist design artistry to create a class of compact hot tubs that are second to no other.

Let Tradition Soothe You

It’s not just an ordinary dip in warm water. You are revelling in a sanctuary of retreat that is all yours… a place of remarkable calmness and warmth that simply envelopes you, washing away the stress and strain of everyday grind. Then leaves your entire body feeling lighter, revived, and recharged… ready to take on the world again the next day! 

This is the secret of Wooden Garden Hot Tubs, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Built To Last As Long As The Memories You’ll Make.

Wooden Garden offers a collection of wooden hot tubs for sale in the UK. Our garden hot tubs are constructed using sustainably timber sourced timber gotten from trusted suppliers.

Our wooden hot tubs feature quick and highly efficient heat generators. Choose between a high grade steel stove or electric heater to quickly warm up your mini-enjoyment spot.

Wash the stress away in our well-built and comfy wooden hot tubs that have evolved through hundreds of years of design changes to keep up with modern standards… standards which have been field-tested by our customers in the comfort of their home.

Create Your Personal Oasis Of Vitality.

The calming effects of warm water on the body have been used to ease inflammation and relax muscle tension for a long time, dating back to when people first had aches, pains, and hot water.

A hot tub can ease your body and mind. True! But we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise when deciding what you want from your wooden hot tub.

That’s why all our hot tubs are built for superior comfort, ultra-low maintenance, and efficient heating… and we’ve helped realise the unique dreams of hundreds of customers by customising their wooden hot tubs, adding the features they need without fuss or delay. 

So, find a garden hot tub design that you love today, and we will customise it to perfection!

Give Your Garden A Dash Of Luxury

Curling up in a hot tub in the open air after a long day of work is a quality of life that is hard to describe, but easy to achieve.

Who needs a swimming pool when you can transform your space with a wooden hot tub from a quiet retreat into a luxury escape that delights guests and family?