Responsible production

Our priority is high quality. Modern production technology, Scandinavian wood and a strong commitment to product quality have made Lasita Maja brand products valued throughout Europe. 

Best quality

In order to offer our customers high quality, we have established a quality management procedure and meet ISO-9001 standards. Our products come with a 2 – 5 year warranty.

Certified wood

We use Scandinavian wood to manufacture our garden houses. Wood is a renewable resource, and its versatility makes it the best material for building garden and summer houses. Scandinavian wood grows slowly in a cool climate, so it guarantees high quality and reliability. The cool climate makes the wood structure strong and durable, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance.
We support ecological and responsible forest management, which is why we also offer our customers garden buildings made of FSC® C004251 certified raw material.


In order to provide our customers with high-quality products, we rely on qualified and experienced staff and modern woodworking machinery. The experience and skills gained over the years guarantee precision in the production, packaging and shipping of products. Modern equipment allows us to make the shape and size of the desired parts with millimeter precision.


Depending on the size of the garden shed, our sheds are packed in one or two hermetically sealed packages. The houses are packed systematically on Eurobases, and the completeness and quality of the material is guaranteed by constant monitoring. Each package contains detailed installation instructions. The packaging is protected from various weather conditions, so we recommend that you open the package only when you start putting up the garden house. If you do not begin installation work immediately upon arrival, we recommend that parts of the house be kept dry and protected from UV rays.